UMDST:Starting Audio (Summary of 2013/02/05-2013/03/03)

A picture of a dog with chemistry equipment, with the text "I have no idea what I'm doing"

As of 2013/03/03, this is exactly how I feel working with Audio. (image via knowyourmeme)

Well. This was interesting. I’ve learned that Audio isn’t exactly something I’m comfortable working with. To be more precise, I really don’t know what I’md doing with it. So far I’ve learned that Audacity’s noise removal yields results of…variable quality. I tried using it while putting together my submission for the Vox Pop assignment, but it kept spitting out garbled audio. So I just left the background noise in and tried to give a cafe / cafeteria feeling to the piece. I thought interviewing at berts might pick up enough background sound to work. It didn’t. For future assignments, I’ll need to get a better mic and add sound effects. Take a listen to the finished piece if you want.


The good news is that my current microphone on my computer seems to be decent at picking up echo if I record in the right environment. The audio create I made isn’t too good, but I think it’s a start.

Hopefully I’ll get better at this.


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