UMDST: Radio Show Ideas

Our class voted on what the subject of our radio show would be. The result was “relationships”. Or maybe “dating”. I’m not entirely sure. Regardless, I’m not entirely pleased by the topic, but I’ll live. So what can we do with it?

The good, the bad, and the ugly. A mix of the good experiences, bad ones, and ones that can only be described as just plain weird. I’d want to keep the events and people described fictional and not constrained to fact because it might make a better story. However, that doesn’t preclude the class from basing stories on actual events that they or someone they know has experienced.

As to the format, maybe something kind of like a Vox Populi? To be more specific, I mean that an interviewer would ask a prompt question and then people would respond with their stories. We could mash up the most interesting responses into our final radio show.


One thought on “UMDST: Radio Show Ideas

  1. I think a vox pop would be great. You probably want to anchor your piece by asking the same questions to all of the people that you interview to give the piece cohesion. What are you thinking about asking about, specifically?

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