Video #3: A look back

This film is the one I’m least with happy with. I had a precise idea of what I wanted to achieve, and I didn’t get to do it. Not because of issues with filming or animation, but because it was hard to find decent creative commons videos of bird singing, and because I ran out of time to work on it.

notebook full of sketches and plot notes

This plot outline and sketches all got cut from the final video. For example, there would have been a skeezy roomie, as seen in the hat on the left. Also, a series of visual gags and facial expressions seen on the right.

This is where the second hardest part about making this film comes in: cutting down the content into what I can make in the time I had available. I had a story line planned to justify the central idea behind the film with two characters and non-verbal interaction between them. The original idea was that the main character makes some stir fry and mixes up the mushrooms he bought with the ones his sketchy room mate was keeping in the fridge, and calls him. Visual gags would ensue. And all that had to get dropped simply because I ran out of time.
So what’s the end result? Is this a good youtube video as I outlined in past posts? No. I think it’s terrible. It’s slow, uninteresting, and mostly just works as a basic proof of concept. I’d like to improve on it later if I get a chance.
Does it meet my goals for the unit? I think so. I managed to fight perfectionism and get it done on time. I didn’t use flash, and kept everything within iMovie. I also discovered that simply drawing visuals is sometimes faster than working with flash. So what will I do with this piece now? I might come back to it and expand on it later, or I might not. At the very least, I feel like the visual gags I came up with for it might be used for something else.


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