UMDST Video #2: A look back

I’m fairly content with how this film turned out compared to the other two. I think it’s because I had a clear idea of what I was going to do to begin with and because I spent the most time on it. At the same time, I think that it doesn’t do a very good job as a YouTube video as outlined in previous posts. Nothing is really replicable by the user in any way. There’s nothing distinctly shocking, funny, or quotable aside from a bit of comedy at the end, where most viewers would have tuned out already. So overall, it’s a pretty bad YouTube video according to the meme guidelines I’ve set out for the genre.

But did I meet my goals? Yes. I did some chroma key with my own blue screen footage, and used a ton of color adjustments in iMovie. I feel like I’m comfortable with the program now. And most importantly, I got it done on time even if I didn’t entirely like the end product. So overall, I think that it’s a success with regards to my goals.


One thought on “UMDST Video #2: A look back

  1. I think that looking at the project only as a YoutubeTM style video would really limit you. Personal expression, one might argue, is as important as audience appreciation, or maybe moreso. See the reception of Moby-Dick and “The Plough and the Stars” (did I just compare alarm clock video to Moby-Dick?).

    Either way, I thought it was rad. The heart video is spectacular.

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