Status Update: Feb. 11th to Feb. 17th

Things are going well. I set up a better lighting environment for filming personal responses to videos. I used it in the two videos I posted this week. I don’t have reflectors, but walls do just as well.

My third daily create assignment for the week: “take a picture of something you made, be it food, art, or something else.” It’s a old color+mood test I dug out of an old sketchbook of mine.

With regards to the goals I laid out earlier in the class, things are on track. I’ve gotten better at letting go and just cranking things out. I still think I do too many takes when filming live video because I feel the previous ones aren’t perfect, but I’m getting better at it. And I’ve gotten better on the iMovie front as well. I’m going to be using green-screening in iMovie for at least one my projects.

I’m also developing a better idea of how I’d like to use creative commons for my own work. Stuff that’s art? Sure, CC. Representation of myself mostly out-of-character? No go.  For example, feel free to go grab a copy of the picture of the left and remix it per the Creative Commons Attribution License. Or if I do a video I act as a character in? Feel free to use it.


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