What I hope to do with iMovie

My overarching goal for the semester is to learn how to make videos I could describe as “of decent quality” reasonably quickly. This isn’t just about learning software. It’s a personal goal for me too. You see, I’m semi-not-so-secretly a perfectionist, and it’s a problem. I sometimes get behind on a bunch of projects because I keep working on polishing away the flaws of one I really like. Because it doesn’t feel good enough.  My personal goal is to learn to avoid over-polishing a project I love, and get better at cranking out smaller rapid-fire projects on time.

Now on to the technical goals. I’d like to learn how to really use iMovie. I know it’s no Avid or Premiere, but it’s surprisingly powerful for a piece of consumer-level software. I also don’t own any of those professional tools, and don’t want to risk breaking an external hard drive breaking as I lug my projects to and from campus computer labs.

So why iMovie? I’d like to learn how to use chroma keying, the magic behind green screening. I’ve already tried my hand at compositing with iMovie, and have put together a little test video from freely available resources.

Although this is a fairly simple test, I think I know a few ways to push iMovie to do at least little bit more. I’d also like to step beyond color keying existing footage to use an actual green screen and learn how to light scenes for shooting indoors. Maybe I’ll even get to throw in some 3d environment modelling if my semester happens to be really light. However, I think the current set of projects I have in mind will keep me busy enough that I won’t get to explore those two things much. The first project I crank out will likely be a comedic take on what the internet does to productivity.


4 thoughts on “What I hope to do with iMovie

  1. The Chroma Key concept is really cool and would be something I would really like to learn how to do also. I didn’t know you could do something like that in iMovie.

  2. Deadlines are the key, for me anyway, to avoiding the perfectionist bug. Making yourself produce a given project on time makes you get it done, flaws and all. The key is to work hard but also to be patient with the fact that you are learning this stuff (learning what you are learning, I mean #tautological). Work hard, have fun.

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