What will Web 3.0 be?

So web 2.0 is dominated by interactivity and user contribution. Sites are using AJAX and Javascript to implement interactivity and real-time updates. We’ve got services that different devices access, but little synchronization between the individual devices themselves. A lot of people are proposing the death of the desktop and laptop. However, I don’t think this will be the case for the next little bit. At least until decent bluetooth keyboards hit the market that can allow a tablet to compete with the classic computer in the text editing and other content creation fields.

A microsoft promotional image for the windows 8 phone release.

A microsoft promotional image for the windows 8 phone release. They are demonstrating their new operating system’s ability to integrate with XBox Live gamer profiles in this picture.

My guess as to what web 3.0 will be is seamless switching between devices, but likely only ones created by the same manufacturer, and likely with the same operating system. Microsoft is aiming to do this by building windows 8 as on a a single code base for all platforms that synchronizes  all user content between every device a user signs into. Canonical Ltd. is also attempting to introduce Ubuntu as a similar one-size-fits all operating system for phones, except they want to give phones the ability to act as a desktop. Although Ubuntu might have a harder time breaking into the market, I get the impression that their phone-centric approach that enables a phone to be the desktop without trying to make one all-purpose operating system may give them an advantage in the long run over Microsoft.


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